The Value of Good Sportsmanship: Fostering a Better Democracy

Be a Good Sport and Win The Future

Adlai E. Stevenson and President Dwight Eisenhower shake hands at the White House in Washington, Feb. 17, 1953. A few months before, Eisenhower had defeated Stevenson in the presidential election.  This is how good sportsmanship works!  This is what it looks like!

Today, the former President of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump was arrested by Federal authorities for allegedly attempting to overthrow Election 2020; breaking the laws of the United States. But why?  What did he do?

Well, it’s so simple that it’s criminal.

Donald Trump is such a poor sport! He cannot accept losing with grace and dignity! He has none! Period!

We knew this back in 2016 when thinking he would lose the election to Hillary Clinton said he would only accept the election results if he won. And then he proceeded to falsely claim that 3,000,000 “illegals” voted setting up a challenge to the election.  Of course, the lovely liar said he would get us the evidence! Well, he never did! Surprise!  But we did NOT see the full force of his complete lack of character and lack of respect for the rules because he actually won the electoral college vote by the veneer of his crooked teeth.

Angry Trump cannot control his weak impulse to claim victory when he loses. It’s pathological and has no place on the field of political competition.

You see Trump has always been a poor sport. It’s his complete lack of character; an entitled brat with a silver spoon up his sorry ass!  He’s a morally bankrupt loser with lots of inherited money and now, money from his cult followers who give their last dollar to this billionaire whiner! Hey, no other way to slice it….it’s balls and strikes here at my home!

So yeah, yeah, I get it….some of you reading this love him and his policies. Well, you can love the policies but a poor sport is a poor sport. And so it’s time for you to reflect on your own values of sportsmanship!

Who are you? What do you teach your kids? What do you really stand for?

Are you the kid that loses the tennis match and blames the umpire? Or the tennis racket? Or the other player? Or are you that kid that wins with grace and loses with dignity and shakes the hand of your opponent?  Who are you?

GREAT SPORTSMANSHIP is built into the tradition of the National Hockey League (NHL). After every grueling playoff series is over and the swords are laid down, the teams line up to engage in the best display of sportsmanship in the world. They shake hands and congratulate one another. This was after the ice warriors battled it out to see who was the champion. This is Epic folks!

You see Sportsmanship is an essential quality that transcends the boundaries of the playing field and extends its impact to various aspects of society, including democracy. Good sportsmanship embodies respect, fairness, and integrity, promoting a culture of cooperation and inclusivity. In this article, I will explore the value of good sportsmanship and how it plays a crucial role in shaping a better democracy.

Understanding Good Sportsmanship

At its core, good sportsmanship refers to the ability to compete with integrity, treating opponents and teammates alike with respect and fairness. It encompasses a range of positive behaviors such as honesty, humility, graciousness in victory or defeat, and adherence to the rules of the game. These qualities not only create an enjoyable and harmonious sports environment but also extend their influence into the broader social fabric.

Building Trust and Respect

One of the fundamental elements that good sportsmanship instills is trust. In a democratic society, trust is the glue that binds individuals together, fostering cooperation and civic engagement. By promoting trust in sports, athletes and spectators learn to trust each other and the rules governing the game. This trust extends beyond the field, leading to greater trust in the democratic process and institutions. A society built on trust is better equipped to address challenges collectively and overcome divisive issues.

Encouraging Inclusivity and Fairness

Sportsmanship emphasizes the importance of inclusivity and fairness. In sports, individuals from diverse backgrounds and abilities come together to compete on an equal footing. This acceptance of diversity and fair play mirrors the principles of democracy, where every citizen’s voice and vote count, regardless of their background or status. In a society where good sportsmanship is valued, people are more likely to appreciate and advocate for equitable policies, creating a stronger and more cohesive democracy.

Resolving Conflicts Peacefully

Sportsmanship teaches individuals how to handle disagreements and conflicts respectfully and peacefully. In competitive sports, disagreements are inevitable, but players and officials are expected to resolve them amicably within the framework of rules and regulations. This ability to navigate conflicts respectfully translates into a society that values open dialogue and peaceful resolution of differences. In a better democracy, citizens engage in constructive debates, seek common ground, and work toward the collective good without resorting to hostility or violence.

Promoting Leadership and Civic Responsibility

Leadership is another vital aspect that good sportsmanship fosters. Team captains and star players often exemplify sportsmanship by leading their teams with humility, empathy, and fairness. These traits extend into society, encouraging individuals to assume leadership roles with the welfare of the community in mind. In a better democracy, leaders guided by good sportsmanship principles prioritize the needs of the people, advocate for inclusivity, and champion the spirit of fair play in the political arena.

Inspiring the Youth

The impact of good sportsmanship on the younger generation cannot be overstated. Children who witness and experience sportsmanship firsthand are more likely to internalize these values and apply them in their everyday lives. As the next generation of citizens, their commitment to respectful and inclusive behavior can help shape a better democracy, ensuring that the ideals of fairness and cooperation persist in the nation’s future.


In conclusion, good sportsmanship is not just confined to sports fields; its influence reaches far beyond, transforming societies and contributing to the creation of a better democracy. By fostering trust, respect, inclusivity, fairness, and peaceful conflict resolution, this invaluable quality paves the way for a stronger, more cohesive, and prosperous democratic society. As we continue to uphold and promote the values of good sportsmanship, we pave the path for a brighter future built on the principles of unity, cooperation, and civic responsibility.

As for Donald Trump? He is a Sore Loser!  And poor sports finish last! That’s it! Period!

Sore Loser – Johnny Punish – The Donald Trump Song from Johnny Punish on Vimeo.


  1. Excellent call, Johnny.

    Some rambling thoughts…

    I learned a long time ago that my atheism does not make me superior to non-atheists (the word “non-atheist,” like “non-religious,” is not necessarily disrespectful).

    People bring their innate personalities to whatever they choose to believe.

    I innately find the devoutly religious Kevin Barrett far more palatable than the war criminal atheist Benjamin Netanyahu. Nevertheless, (after an exchange with Kevin at The Unz Review) it seems Kevin (unlike Netanyahu) would punish me as an “infidel,” if Kevin was in charge. Then again, Netanyahu’s Jew supremacism aligns with devoutly religious Jew supremacists.

    What’s missing in all this? Sportsmanship!

    In race relations, an observation worth considering…

    Blacks are over-represented in the NBA for the exact same reason non-Blacks are over-represented in academia.

    Why is such a legitimate suggestion unthinkable?

    Lack of sportsmanship!


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