USA ELECTION 2024: Should You Divest Out of the United States of America?


by Johnny Punish

The USA facing some very serious political issues that will affect its markets. It’s election in 2024 is set up poorly and has the potential to rock the world over the economic cliff.

As of this writing, it’s current President Biden is a known factor. The economics are relatively solid and the USA remains the # 1 economy in the world. So a Biden re-election would be a stable situation and we should expect the “same” moving forward.

However, US polls currently show that his potential opponent, Former US President Donald Trump is on par with him. As it stands, it’s a 50/50 proposition.

Trump has promised revenge and retribution against all his enemies. This type of reactionary management of the world’s # 1 economy will be an absolute disaster for the US economy and will affect every economy in the world.

At this time, this is just a deep concern and NOT a red alert. However, its populace is being manipulated badly and too many do NOT understand the consequences of bringing back Captain Chaos.  If Sore Loser Trump gets in as President again, it will be a political and economic disaster.

Personally, I am keeping a big eye out on this and will pull all my investments out of the USA if this disaster happens. USA may currently be # 1 in the world economy but changing it’s political system from a democracy to an autocracy will create instability. I will be looking for more stable calmer waters for investments.

Here in Mexico, we’ve had an outstanding 23-year run since democracy returned in 2000. The country has vastly improved and Mexico looks to be a Top 10 country by 2040. However, Mexico is the # 1 trading partner with the USA, and if the USA tanks under the weight of revengeful retribution lunatic, Mexico will sustain collateral damage.

The UK’s Brexit has taken away its competitive advantage and so the UK is NO longer a winner. The EU is more stable politically and markets are big enough that safe havens are available. But if the USA regresses and brings back an angry reactionary, the USA will shift towards Russia and abandon the EU and NATO causing harm to EU markets.

While so many cheer for Russia in the USA an actual shift away from the huge EU towards little Russia will be an economic disaster for the USA.   It reminds me of Brexit with the British cheering for it with glee only to find only a pot of soured economic groul.  The consequences will be strong and will hurt every American.

So at this point, everyone should be very financially concerned. It’s not yet clear where one should invest for the next 5 to 10 years. What is clear is that the US election in 2024 will set the stage and provide clarity. So pay attention.  And be ready to divest.


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    A biological ‘freak’ of nature is what all American’s have recently decided is best cuz it’s the ‘lesser’ of evil!

    America sucks
    typical parasites we are

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