Here’s The Big Story The Main Stream Media Has NOT Told About The Kansas City Chiefs vs. San Francisco 49ers Super Bowl

Turns out, in Vegas, the streaker guy put down $ 20,000 on a prop bet that there would be a “streaker” at the game. So he bought a $ 10,000 ticket to the game, did his thing, got arrested, spent one night in jail, and then cashed in his prop bet for a net profit of $ 10,000. Plus he has a fun story to tell.  Incredible Right?


As investors, we would all love to control the outcomes. In most, cases, we depend on markets to grow and reap the rewards. But this guy, well, he took the bull by the horns and controlled the outcome of his investment, his bet.

Now that’s entrepreneurship.

Of course, I am NOT recommending one break the law to earn profits but it is an example of super calculating risk, controlling what one can, and ensuring virtual success. That’s badass!

I hope you enjoyed this fun story.