Steve Cooper Onboard the Arka Kinari

The Greatest Story Ever Told

The story of the Protestant Pilgrims successfully seeking their destiny in a new land, free from religious and government institutions’ oppressive hands, might be the greatest gift the USA has given the world—the greatest story ever told.

Inspirational, yes, but sadly, similar to Santa, the story of the Protestant Pilgrims is just a story. In truth, the pilgrims were not on the run from oppression but seeking economic opportunity.

Yet, choosing a partner we love and wish to share our lives with and then proceeding to negotiate life’s important decisions together with that person—free from undue external influence—is a sacred path, a way of conducting our lives that the villains’ in the ongoing saga (I am writing about almost full time now) have attempted to steal.

Not my way or your way, Steve and I call this The Golden Way: a solid road to security and meaning; we hope that we might help you discover and explore.

The Golden Way is not a ‘right’ we can insist (or trust) our governments will protect, but a principle that all of us must stand by and fight to defend.

Finding the Golden Way

To find this path, a couple must discover the vast bounty that can be found in creative argument. Only when we learn to work together and synthesise our ideas can we ever hope to be productive and free.

Steve sometimes calls me a truly righteous sister who has found herself a gypsy husband. Considering the vastly different worldviews we each grew up with, if Steve and I have found common ground in our marriage, I think almost any couple can. You can read more about our differing backgrounds on the About page at my Substack Channel Kim & Steve Cooper.

Steve and I had the pleasure of recently meeting US musician Grey Filastine, one-half of the husband-and-wife duo Filastine and Nova. Who gave us a tour of their ship in Newcastle, Australia, on their way to the Sydney festival.

The Arka Kinari–a name formed from the Latin word for vessel and the Sanskrit name for a half-human, half-bird musician that guards the tree of life–is a 70-tonne sailing ship that serves as home, touring vessel, music venue and creative project for Filastine and Nova, who mix Javanese folk with psychedelic synths and percussion to spread the word about ocean pollution and climate change. The boat is wind and solar-powered and is also their stage, replete with subwoofers, costumes, and sails that unfurl to screens during their performances.

These two have certainly embraced their union and found the Golden Way!

So what stories birthed the spirit of freedom, whose buoyancy once made America a country the whole world fell so deeply in love with?

You can read more about this in the first part of my article series on Substack: Who Murdered Love Part One. Or the book series we will be publishing there soon. Stay Tuned!