TOP 10 Ideas for US Federal Campaign Reform

Our campaigns are antiquated and molding. It's time for a major overhaul.



by Johnny Punish

As we approach the 2024 Elections in the USA, it’s clear that the country is still massively divided and defeated by the big-money special interests that render the
WE-THE-PEOPLE grand idea as null and mute!

The big money still corrupts the system and so, no matter what WE THE PEOPLE say, they continue as if we are just there.

It’s now past time to overhaul the system.

So here are my ideas for Campaign Reform now.

Read them and then comment so that we can begin the dialogue necessary to get reform in for the next cycle.  Here are my top 10 ideas;

  1. DEPLOY 21ST CENTURY TECHNOLOGY: First, somebody hire Bill Gates as the VOTING czar and have him round up his people to come up with a 21st-century plan so that voting can be instant, transparent, and secure.  No more waiting in lines.  If we can go to Mars, we can do this.  So get with it, people!
  2. VOTING RECEIPT:   Once we vote, we should have a “receipt”; a record so that we have evidence that we voted and what we voted for so that no one can change our votes.  We need protection!
  3. DELETE SUPER PACS: Even though Citizens United’s rule allowing the top 1% to pool money in Super Pacs did NOT buy this election cycle, it’s a perversion of democracy by the people and for the people and it must end NOW!
  4. DELETE ELECTORAL COLLEGE: This college is the most antiquated system the U.S. owns.  It was created over 200 years ago when the colonies could not get information on the candidates so they created this thing so that voters would NOT be making uninformed choices.  Clearly, with the net, we ALL have the info.  So what’s the reason for this ridiculous system again?  Maybe we should go back to writing on cave walls?  come on people!  Hit the delete button on this ridiculous system.
  5. INCREASE PRESIDENT TERM AND LIMIT TO 1 TERM: 4 years?  Geez us, this antiquated idea forces the President to be in perpetual campaign mode.  It makes it super hard to govern with principle-based leadership.  It’s not working.  The President needs 6 years of work to implement what the people voted for.  Of course, the President only gets 1 term so there is NEVER a re-election campaign so that he/she does not have to pander.  Other countries do it and it’s a very successful idea.
  6. TERM LIMITS FOR CONGRESS: Serving your country is a privilege, not a job for life.  Senators get 8-year terms, Reps get 4.  That’s it.  There are NO re-election campaigns.
  7. END 2 PARTY SYSTEM: Well, many argue we have just 1 part with 2 factions and they would be spot on.  This system stinks.  We need all parties to be involved in the political discourse and they must NEVER be locked out like we’ve been doing.  We need the Tea Party to be autonomous from the GOP. We need the Libertarians and Green Parties to get in the debates and shake it all up.  Nothing to fear and everything to gain.
  8. END FOREIGN-OWNED U.S. MEDIA: Real news media, must be run by objective U.S.-based and owned companies.  They must be independent and NOT part of big conglomerates.  We must protect the people from propagandists masking them as news organizations.  Real honest information is mission-critical to the electorate so that they can make informed votes.
  9. DEPLOY 2 TIERED ELECTION PROCESS: With all parties allowed to enter the ring, we must provide a two-tiered election to make it efficient;  think of it as a playoff game round.  All the parties get in and they go for it.  The top 4 candidates make it to the finals and then a winner is picked.
  10. PUBLIC FINANCING FOR ALL QUALIFIED CAMPAIGNS: Once a candidate qualifies for the final four, the public will fund the campaigns equally for all candidates.  No private financing whatsoever!

Okay, I bet I got you thinking now.  Share your ideas below in the comments box.  Talk to your friends, neighbors, and family.  And let’s all work to make the U.S.A. a true transparent real democracy.