Michael Saylor: Top 10 Mindsets for Success

The World's Top Bitcoin Advocate and Successful Bitcoin Investor Educates and Shares His Mindsets for Success


In a recent episode of Moonshots with Peter Diamandis titled “The Future is Bitcoin with Michael Saylor“, Michael Saylor outlined his TOP 10 mindsets for success.

Michael Saylor is an entrepreneur and business executive. He is the co-founder, former CEO, and executive chairman of MicroStrategy, a company that provides business intelligence, mobile software, and cloud-based services. MicroStrategy is the world’s biggest publicly traded corporate owner of Bitcoin, with 129,218 BTC.

GT Radio thought it worthy for fans of Saylor and Diamandis to condense and curate these very important axioms for success.

DIAMANDIS: Do you have a mindset that has allowed you to succeed? If so, how would you describe that mindset?

SAYLOR:  Let me boil it down to 10 observations.  I was asked by somebody for advice for his children who were entering adulthood. And he asked me if I could just write down my advice for them. “Sure!” I said. I thought about it and I brought it down to 10 points.

And here they are…

1. Focus Your Energy

You have limited energy in your life. We think we can accomplish more than we can. But we really can’t do 100 things at once. We might NOT even be able to 10 things. We only may be lucky to do one thing well. So Focus your energy.

2. Guard Your Time

People are going to chew into your time. So if you’re trying to accomplish something and if you’re not thoughtful about your time it’ll be dissipated. So protect and manage it well. Guard your time!

3. Train Your Mind

Train your mind to do whatever it is you’ve decided to do; whether it’s music, math or engineering, or something. Train Your Mind

4. Train Your Body

You should stay healthy and take care of yourself. If your body breaks down, the mind will follow. So Train Your Body.

5. Think for Yourself

The world’s full of people that are telling you what to think. They spend their entire lives planting narratives and ideas in your head; most of what is dysfunctional and self-serving to sell you stuff.

We didn’t have “Breakfast” so people invented “Breakfast” to sell you cereal. When I was growing up, there was no adderal so they invented it. So think for yourself and, after careful thought and research, decide whether or not you believe what people are telling you. So Think For Yourself.

6. Curate Your Friends

We don’t need many friends. We just need a few. Decide who you want to be in your social sphere. Curate Your Friends!

7. Curate Your Environment

Decide on where you want to be right now. Put yourself in a safe place; a calm place; a productive place. Whether it’s controlling what you have in your room or what you have in your house or physically where you live or what country you live in. Just make sure you Curate Your Environment.

8. Keep Your Promises

If you make a promise keep it. If people lose faith then they won’t help you. They won’t trust you ever again. It is just bad karma. So Keep Your Promises.

9. Stay Cheerful and Constructive

There are a lot of reasons to get negative but it won’t help. So whatever you are pursuing do NOT give in to critics and cynics; no matter how many of these Negative Nancys come at you. You must be cheerful and constructive; never focus on the negatives because it just distracts and dissipates energy. So Stay Cheerful and Constructive

10. Upgrade The World

Be an Engineer! Leave the world a better place. Whether it’s your garden, house, product, book… something! Hopefully, you upgrade the world such that someone can trace some improvement to the fact that you existed on this planet.

SAYLOR: And that’s that’s my mindset

DIAMANDIS: That’s awesome. I love that. That’s a whole set of beautiful to make the world a better place

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