Station to Station with Kim Cooper MCTAA

The Marriage Mindset Audio Hypnosis Series

Red Alert  (Level -1)

Multiple plans, conversations, tasks and responsibilities in your life have been left unfinished, with numerous problems becoming crises. You cannot halt the damage to your relationships, reputation and success. Your life is spiralling downwards…

Travelling to the Station of

Yellow Alert (Level 0)

Where you are tackling a single temporary crisis effectively.

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NOTE: Only listen to this audio if you are stationary, seated and able to close your eyes and relax somewhere safely for just over 25 minutes. People with phobias, especially those related to walking down the street or stairs, sitting on warm sand, the idea of becoming a giant eagle or travelling on a train with headphones on (in warm company), should consider if this therapy choice is the right for them.

* Our first self-help audio in this series is free for now…