DIGITAL NOMADS: Wanna Make an extra $ 1.5 Million in 3 years?


Here’s how you do it…

Buy my personal friends 64 acres of land in Arizona which is 1 hour south of Las Vegas and 30 minutes north of Kingman in Arizona. This land has been in the family for over 40 years. She needs to sell NOW for personal reasons. Her important situation is your GAIN!

I have been personal friend with this super high integrity lady for over 30 plus years.  She is top notch.

So yeah, you buy it now for $ 140k. Put a small house or trailer on it for $ 60k. Hook up STARLINK net access and boom, you’re working as a real digital nomad on 64 acres of land that you own! That’s badass! But wait, there is more…

You go to the county seat and get the land legally subdivided into 64 (1) acre lots. Then you keep your (1) acre lot and sell the rest to other digital nomads for $ 25k each. That will give you a return of $ 25k x 63 lots = $ 1,575,000.

You can also offer owner financing and create a monthly income steam for years to come.  Its just another way to make it work.

Boom! You have a home paid for, free and clear on a 1 acre lot. You have (63) other Digital Nomad friends living as neighbors in your DIGITAL NOMAD PARADISE. And you have $ 1,575,000 in the bank minus taxes.

It can be done! You need ambition, drive, and desire to win your future!
If you believe it, you can achieve it!

Do NOT let anyone say otherwise or I will get really pissed off.

And when Johnny Punish gets pissed, he writes a nasty song about a nasty player!


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