US Income Tax Services for EXPATS from Global Thinkers

GT provides US Income Tax services for individuals and small business corporations STARTING at just $ 199 USD

Living as an EXPAT is one of the greatest adventures of a lifetime. However, the tax part is not so fun, right? I know! I have been an EXPAT since the 1990s, over 25 years and I know all the ins and outs; the good, bad and the ugly! So let me help you Win The Future!

In fact, I am an expert in money, tax and wealth building. I have been in the money and tax space over 40 years since the 1970s!  I know! A long time!  I live and breath money success and I am happy to share and offer my expertise.  My poor wife right?  I know!

For my clients, I keep up with the most recent tax laws in the United States how they affect the tax requirements for EXPATS so you don’t have to dig so deep in those awful weeds.

That’s me with my wife Betty at our Hacienda Eco-Domes home in the Valle De Guadalupe wine region of Baja California Mexico. We have been married since 1986, have 3 adult children and 7 grand kids together.

I can be your money coach, adviser, and even do all the tax preparations for you; whatever makes cents!

I am always available for my clients with whom I offer personal services. I am always just quick text message away or when needed, we do a video call at predetermined time. Easy!

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